Dóczi Tamás

Prof. Tamás Dóczi


Development of seizure prediction system

- for patients suffering from epilepsy or migraine by means of complex monitoring of relevant sensor data

Employing non-invasive, complex, sensor-based, psychophysical monitoring of the autonomic nervous system, the aims of our R&D project are to predict

  1. epileptic seizures and
  2. migraine headache, and
  3. to detect an ongoing epileptic seizure.

The hypothesis of the project is that long-term multi-modal monitoring of the autonomic nervous system may provide novel data in patients with epilepsy or migraine, which may serve as useful biomarker(s) for seizure/migraine-headache prediction and detection.

The data monitoring is multimodal, including heart-rate variability, ECG waveform, respiratory function, barometric pressure, psychological status, etc. The examination doesn’t need intervention; the monitoring presents no direct health risk to the participants.

The data gathering would last until the registration of at least 3 consecutive episodes (seizure/migraine-headache) that means continuous monitoring for even up to 3 months.

We plan to find proper seizure/headache indicators by evaluating psychophysical, psychological and environmental data registered during the timeframe preceding seizure/headache.