Dr. Kuthy Kata

Dr. Katalin Kuthy


Legal Module

Arising from the content and purpose of the project, it is particularly significant to continuously enforce the legal aspects of data processing. This requires the consideration of a number of theoretical and practical aspects of data protection, and the new types of data recovery in the area of legislation may require regulatory change and the introduction of new rules as well as legal innovation. For this reason, an expert legal team is involved in the Project for solving a wide range of complex legal tasks. The operation of the Legal Working Group and its main task are described below.

The leaders of the project and the other working groups involve the lawyers of the legal working group at each stage of the project when designing each process in order to ensure legal and data protection compliance as well as, inter alia, the following:

  1. Understand current and future information technologies (e.g. predictive data analysis, etc.) and their implications for data protection;
  2. Follow the information processes of the project step-by-step to perceive shortcomings and propose appropriate solutions;
  3. Evaluate technological shifts and changes that may have legal, data protection, privacy implications and provide suggestions for solving them
  4. Regulatory needs and needs assessment, status analysis,
  5. Preparation, technical support for technical planning,
  6. Workshop of regulatory experts,
  7. Establish a statutory system of statutory regulations, regulatory bodies
  8. Establish a contractual system for the data center’s service activities as regulated by law and supervisory bodies,
  9. Define requirements for meeting regulatory conditions, preparing regulatory documents,
  10. Formulate requirements beyond the legal framework.

Legal Working Group

Dr. Katalin Kuthy

Dr. Gergely Szőke 

Dr. Dóra Czapári

Invited members: legal experts