Nagy András

András Nagy


IT Module

The IT objective of the project based on the data obtained from the electronic health care systems used in patient care in Hungary, is establishing the infrastructure of the data-based health care decision support system – data collection, data storage and data processing (DATA & IT) -, as well as creating a national prototype.

The study includes patient-related documentation systems (HIS), data from laboratory diagnostic tools, instrumentation and sensors as well as data specifically generated at the clinics of the University of Pécs (UP), national, e.g. (EESZT – National eHealth Infrastructure, NEAK – National Health Insurance Fund, NNK – National Public Health Center) and related international databases.

To complement and to substitute the data storage currently operating in isolation, and not uniformly carried out in each instrument and system, a network storage infrastructure capable of cataloging and archiving PTE data assets will be developed during the course of the project. For supporting the storage of large quantities of health data with differing levels of complexity, we are developing the E-Group DataLake Platform for Health (EDTP4H) adapted to specific health requirements. The EDTP4H platform is redundant, easily scalable and cost-effective.

Specific features of healthcare from the IT perspective is that healthcare data appear in large quantities, in different formats (data/text/images etc.), not integrated from a semantical point of view, data protection sensitive and of varied quality.

With convincing medical research use cases, we will demonstrate that the DataLake technology (EDTP, EDTP4H) is capable of supporting data-based medicine, as well as parallel processing and analyzing healthcare data along clinical hypotheses.

From the Data assets of the University of Pécs, we built anonymous datasets by automated means based on premise private cloud using applied mathematical, analytical and machine learning methods to ensure the implementation of clinical use-cases.

Particular attention will be devoted to the protection of patient data, for which the necessary IT developments will be ready and integrated into the EDTP4H system.

For ensuring the longevity of the platform, the project supports the establishment of the UP-side operative and data science background.